Friday, April 30, 2010

We Will Destroy Your City With Bad Lyrics

Friday 4-30-10
Theme: Bad Lyrics
DJ Double A, DJ Screech, and DJ Paulin' Ass

"Horror Business" Misifts
"Don't Pick It Up" Offspring
"San Berdoo Sunburn" Eagles Of Death Metal (Request)
"Canary In A Coalmine" The Police (Request)
"Blinded By The Night" Manfred Mann (Request)
"Sex On Fire" Kings Of Leon
"Drunk Girls" LCD Soundsystem
"My Humps" Black Eyed Peas
"It's A Fight" 3 6 Mafia (Request)
"Ice Ice Baby" Vanilla Ice
"Blazin Hazin" Average Homeboy (Request)
"Bedrock" Young Money
"Bitchin' Camaro" Dead Milkmen (Request)
"Long, Long Way From Home" Foreigner (Request)
"Anthem" Trivium
"Sweating Bullets" Megadeth
"Give The Dog A Bone" AC/DC (Request)
"High Voltage" Electric Six (Request)
"Punch You In The Jeans" Lonely Island
"Bad Touch" Bloodhound Gang (Request)
"Italian Leather Sofa" Cake
"We Are All On Drugs" Weezer
"Move Bitch" Ludacris
"Fergalicious" Fergie
"Chapter Four" Avenged Sevenfold (Request)
"In This River" Black Label Society
"Slide It In" Whitesnake
"Blah Blah Blah" Kesha

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