Friday, April 30, 2010

Midnight Cover Show with DJ Delirious

"Nasty Button" -Elevated Entity feat. Boomer Something
"Country Grammar" -Nelly
"Opposable Thumbs" -Bus Driver
"Hell Yeah" -Dead Prez
"1-800-Suicide" -Gravediggaz
"Love U More" -Sunscreem
"Spin Spin Sugar" -Sneaker Pimps
"Numb" -Switchblade Symphony
"So Happy I Could Die" -Lady Gaga
"Cherry Bomb" -1+1
"Cooking By The Book [A Lil Bigger Mix]" -Lazy Town and Lil Jon (mixed by Mastgrr)
"Straight To Video" -MSI
"Now You're A Man" -DVDA
"Gin & Juice" -Berlin Project
"Back To Drive" -The Chinkees
"I Hate Everyone" -Get Set Go
"Fuck You, Becky" -Be Your Own Pet
"Waffle" -Sevendust
"Go To Hell" -Drill
Natalie Portman raping on SNL
"Media C-Section" -Jack Off JIll
"Made To Measure" -My Ruin
"T.R.I.C." -Otep
"Spathic!!" -Melt Banana
"Rubber Monks & Leather Nuns" -Nekromantix
"Cemetery Gates" -Pantera

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