Sunday, February 28, 2010

Guilty Pleasures/Jukebox Jubilee ((Feb 28))

My show was pushed back an hour so I could deal with my house getting tagged last night...

"Holland, 1945" -Neutral Milk Hotel
"You Look Like A Gorilla" -The Mopes
"Dance While the Sky Crashes Down" -Jason Webley
"Swim" -Ani DiFranco
"CQ" -Clinic
"No Good" -Vermillion Lies
"Buttmachine" -The 1 Guy
"Electric Lady Land" -Fantastic Plastic Machine
"Wasted Early Sunday Morning" -Sneaker Pimps
"Your Woman" -White Town
"Because We Want To" -Billie Piper
"Who Do You Think You Are?" -Spice Girls
"All That She Wants" -Ace of Base
"Bubble Pop Electric" -Gwen Stefani
"Strict Machine" -Goldfrapp
"Kiss Kiss" -Stella Soleil
"Is It Medicine" -The Knife
"Faint Toxic" -Britney Spears/Linkin Park mashup
"Seconds" -Le Tigre
"Einfach Sein" -Die Fantastischen Vier
"Ready to Go" -Republica
"Ya Soshla S Uma" -tATu
"Come On Kids" -Tegan and Sara
"Secret Base" -Zone

"Reach Out Of The Darkness" -Friend and Lover
"You Really Got Me" -The Kinks
"Twilight Time" -The Platters
"Little Red Riding Hood" -Sam the Sham
"Little Bitty Pretty One" -Thurston Harris
"Mustang Sally" -Wilson Pickett
"Spooky Little Girl Like You" -The Zombies
"I Wonder Why" -The Chiffons
"Who's That Lady" -The Isley Brothers
"Get Ready" -The Temptations
"Reach Out, I'll Be There" -The Four Tops
"Mr. Big Stuff" -Jean Knight

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