Sunday, February 28, 2010

DJ Misdirect's Saturday Night Party Train (complete with a 50 DKP MINUS)

Buildings & Mountains - Republic Tigers
Stroke Me - Billy Squire (Request)
40' - Franz Ferdinand
Why Don't You Get A Job? - The Offspring
Oh My - Mellowdrone
More Bad Times - Presidents of the United States of America
Doomsday Clock - Smashing Pumpkins
Jet Airliner - Steve Miller Band
Tom Sawyer - RUSH (Request)
Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival (Request)
Maggie May - Rod Stewart
Sealings - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Song For the Dead - Queens of the Stone Age
The Running Free - Coheed and Cambria (Request)
Lake of Fire - Nirvana (Request)
Bullet & a Target - Citizen Cope
Fall Back Down - Rancid
Nutshell - Alice In Chains (Request)
Scare Easy - Mudcrutch (Request)
Plug In Baby - MUSE
Bones - The Killers
Talk Shows On Mute - Incubus (Request)
Shaniqua Don't Live Here No More - Little T (Request)
Get the Funk Out Of My Face - Brothers Johnson (Request)
Thou Shalt Always Kill - Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip
The Sky Is Falling - Queens of the Stone Age
Shores of California - Dresden Dolls
Nightswimming - REM
Trying to Find a Balance - Atmosphere
If It Means A Lot To You - A Day to Remember (Request)
Flyswatter - Eels
Dots and Dashes - Doomtree
Clark Gable - The Postal Service (Request)
I Don't Know - Suicide Sports Club
Wonderwall (Oasis cover) - Los Sobraos

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